2018 Snail of Approval Winners

Last year, we wrote about the very first Snail of Approval awards from Slow Food of Sonoma County, which recognize local restaurants and food producers that are “making a significant contribution to improving the food system.” The 2018 Snail of Approval recipients were announced in January. The next time you go out to eat or need a few vegetables for dinner, consider supporting the following restaurants or farms:

Lowell’s (Sebastopol)

Handline (Sebastopol)

Trading Post (Cloverdale)

Lantern Farm (Cloverdale)

Red Horse Pizza (Santa Rosa)

Tierra Vegetables (Santa Rosa)

Patisserie Angelica (Sebastopol)

Mateo’s Cocina Latina (Healdsburg)

SingleThread Restaurant (Healdsburg)

Find out more about Slow Food’s definition of good, clean, and fair food at snailofapprovalsonomacounty.org.

Lessons in Fruit and Dough

Since the loose theme of this issue is pie, we reached out to Tara Wachtel, an Occidental-based chef and culinary consultant, to get her tips on making a top-notch pie from scratch. Wachtel guided us through a Sunday afternoon lesson in making a perfect, flaky, light-as-air pie crust filled with a divine lemon curd made from backyard-foraged Meyer lemons.

“Pie is humble,”says Wachtel, who has such a passion for the ancient dessert that she recently got one tattooed on her forearm. “It’s basically just fruit and dough in different proportions and the essence of the ingredients is highlighted. I grew up making pies with my sisters. It’s my favorite dessert. ”

Photo Credit: Leilani Clark

Tara’s Pie Tips

  1. The universal truth is that you barely touch the dough. You have to have a light touch.
  2. The humble American pie crust can be just as flaky and crisp as a French-style croissant.
  3. Let the ingredients shine as much as possible without screwing with them too much.
  4. Figure out the chemistry with a solid crust recipe (she recommends the ones found in the Tartine Cookbook or America’s Test Kitchen), find what works, and then play with the flavorings in the filling—although she will often insist that a classic apple pie is best.

Save The Date

13th Annual Artisan Cheese Festival

March 23 and 24

Throughout Sonoma County


Getting the Most Out of Your Food Garden

March 30

Harvest for the Hungry Garden

Santa Rosa


Grassfeed Exchange: Regeneration Rising

The Conference for Regenerative Ranchers and Grassfed Industry Supporters

April 3-5

Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa




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