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Since 2013, Made Local Magazine is the definitive local print and digital magazine about our LOCAL food system and economy, produced by the folks at GO LOCAL.

Made Local Magazine has a pulse on the real food, beverage, and entrepreneurial culture of Sonoma County, with high quality content that’s more on par with national publications.

Made Local Magazine tells the stories that people are increasingly wanting to be connected with. LOCAL farmers, ranchers, food and beverage producers, grocers, restaurants, and non-profits have a role in how our daily food makes it to our tables. We provide authentic LOCAL coverage that reflects the complexities of growing our local economy and feeding nearly a half a million people every day.


In addition to our longstanding feature story sections covering EAT, DRINK and GROW, in 2020 we added a MAKE section to spotlight stories on local artisans, makers and other entrepreneurs.

The magazine has built on established branding that’s easily recognized by the logos and simple message: ”Choose LOCAL First”. GO LOCAL has been going strong since 2010 and generates around 500 million gross impressions annually.


Ads appear in a lively, authentic, down-to-earth environment. Your message reaches true food and beverage lovers who, above all, support LOCAL.


Download the Advertiser Info Page PDF here.

Commit issue by issue, or the more ads you commit to for a year, the less they cost.

Sign a 5x contract and be a member of GO LOCAL to get the lowest rate right out of the gate.

Add $150 for ad design by Ranch 7 Creative.

Download the Ad Specifications PDF here.

Made Local Magazine (March/April 2024 issue) was my morning reading, perfect on a gray, drizzly morning. So much spring and smiles in all the articles. Is it my imagination that this edition has a new “feel” to it? The Future of Farming: excellent and educating. Fresh Finds makes me want to shop at Jupiter Foods. And the crowning gem with Nature’s Apothecary story: what a beautiful, innovative, and dedicated offering to the community. What an important role Made Local Magazine and GO LOCAL offers our community. Thank you for the hard work and caring you put into highlighting community gems of Sonoma County.” 

– Karen H., Cloverdale

We love Made Local Magazine and want to be sure you know that we make a point to go to the stores and restaurants that have ads in the magazine – we enjoy and pay attention to every page, not just the amazing stories but also the wonderful ads that introduce us to new products, services and restaurants!.” 

– D.T. 2024

Restaurant Plate Ads

Unique and very low-cost concept for RESTAURANTS in the magazine as an alternative to 1/4, 1/2, or full page ads —just like on the table! 6 plates per page.

See a sample full page layout here.



5 issues per year • 8.375″ x 11″ • 60 lb. Velvet finish • Full Color all pages • Certified sustainable • 12,000 copies • annual circulation of 60,000 issues, for 180,000 gross impressions annually •

Distributed through GO LOCAL grocers, restaurants and other retailers • See distributors with magazine racks here.


Dedicated responsive website, with full magazine as flipdoc featuring all advertisers and clickable links

• Feature stories include additional photography

• Promotion on &


Mar/Apr 2024 (Issue #52) – Ad submission deadline: Feb 2. Release date: Mar 1.

May/Jun 2024 (Issue #53) – Ad submission deadline: Apr 3. Release date: May 1.

Jul/Aug 2024 (Issue #54) – Ad submission deadline: Jun 5. Release date: Jul 1.

Sep/Oct 2024 (Issue #55) – Ad submission deadline: Aug 5. Release date: Sep 3.

Nov/Dec 2024 (Issue #56) – Ad submission deadline: Oct 10. Release date: Nov 6.

Download PDFs of this Advertiser Info Page or the Ad Specifications here.

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