When the current presidential administration announced the decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord last month, the world—on both sides of the political divide—reacted with shock and dismay. It’s not surprising that progressives, environmentalists, and, heck, anyone who believes global warming is a real threat to life as we know it (especially for those who live in developing countries where climate change is already having an enormous impact) would be angry that one of the world’s biggest climate polluters decided to officially shirk responsibility for turning things around.
Of course, Sonoma County has been long ahead of the curve when it comes to the hard work of environmental regeneration .
In this issue, we take a look at the seed activists who are making open-source and open-pollinated seeds available to farmers and backyard gardeners alike—and arguing that this an important step to creating a regenerative and just food system. Our feature on homegrown chef (she’d call herself a cook) Dalia Martinez, whom you might know from the Naked Pig, explores how she came to develop a staunch local ethos, a love for Central Asian cuisine, and a commitment to crafting clean, organic, edible flower-embellished food for her community. I’m also excited to welcome a few new writers to the fold, including our new cooking columnist Sarah Whitmore, who will make you laugh into your blackberry jam with her keen wit. Plus, Shelby Pope covers the growing movement of distillers like Griffo Distillery in Petaluma, that are turning out nuanced,delicious gins. Finally, Bernadette Marchard de Gramont is on the fermented and pickled beat with a great profile of the talented businesswoman behind Golden State Pickle Works in Petaluma. It’s all here to enjoy between summer picnics and lazy river days. As always, I invite our readers to send story tips, feedback, and even notes of good cheer. Happy summer to you!
 Leilani Clark | EDITOR


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