I’ll be the first to say that I would be nothing without my community. As a writer, I lean on my friends and colleagues for support, feedback, and cheerleading on the regular. As a mother, I lean on my family and friends for child-rearing advice, chatty playdates, and babysitting when my kid is on spring break but I’m not.

America may have inherited a myth of individualism—the rugged frontiersman dripping in Manifest Destiny and forging his way across a wild landscape to find gold in them there hills—but, in the end, that’s something that only exists in Hollywood movies.

In reality, we need each other for health and happiness. That’s why it’s such a privilege to live and work in Sonoma County, where community and fellowship can be found around most corners. I was reminded of that while working on this issue, which explores three local cafes and restaurants—Papas and Pollo, Aqus, and Brew—where community is served up right along side tasty food and drink. And I was reminded once again while reading Estefany Gonzalez’s story about the Sunflower Community Garden, where young adults living at Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) housing complexes learn job skills while growing food for Catholic Charities and other nonprofits that serve homeless families and individuals. We’ve got all of these stories and more in the May/June issue of Made Local Magazine. So sit back, enjoy the sunlight on the patio of your favorite cafe where everybody knows your name, and discover some of the people and places that create stronger, thriving communities. And, as always, please let us know what you think!

Leilani Clark|EDITOR



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