A Letter from the Editor.

In the two months since we introduced readers to the beneficial work of Sonoma Compost, that story took a shocking downward turn as the efforts of the neighbors to close the facility actually bore fruition.

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Michael B. Woolsey Photography

This issue updates you on the reasons why entities like Sonoma Compost are a necessary county mainstay and looks at other organizations that are waste-to-value “warriors” in the good fight for reducing our collective footprint. Will the whole sorry morass be solved by our next issue? Absolutely not, but the more informed we are about the effects of modern life upon the essentials of all life, the better off we can be at solving the next shocking downward turn as it appears.

In happier news, the Barlow adds a new Mexican restaurant, Cinco, to its marketplace at the end of August, and we meet the restaurateur and farmer who is making it happen.

School might be out, but hunger is constant, so we’ve included a listing of where and when to access the Redwood Empire Food Bank’s free student lunches this summer in the event you find it helpful.

As always, there are plants. Some are good for beer, some for blue jeans, some for prettying up a table, most for eating. Moonlight Brewing, the Fibershed, the North Bay Flower Collective, and the OAEC have you covered on good things that grow.

Speaking of growing, if someone anonymously leaves a zucchini on your porch this summer, you can be certain it was me. Send squash recipes, as well as rants, raves, and tips to the email below. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

Gretchen Giles, Editor



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