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“With R&B and jazz undertones, Ambrin spins lyrical narratives that are romantic, vulnerable, and insightful.”

– TERRY ROLAND, No Depression: The Journal of Roots Music

“Music fuels me. It feeds the parts inside me that I can’t explain, the parts most of us try to hide from the world. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a musician. I wanted to make it big. One day, I realized that making it big isn’t a destination but the journey it takes to complete a song. Writing out those lyrics. Rewriting. Recording a full project. Putting yourself outthere. The goal is no longer to impress people or be praised for my work. The goal is simply to share myself, so that when I’m long gone, you can put on one of my records and see my reflection, hear my story. This outlook has given me so much more freedom. It fuels me like nothing else can. Music saved my life and continues to do so every day. I couldn’t imagine a life without it.”

Erica Ambrin is an ever-evolving hip-hop soul singer/songwriter currently living in Sebastopol. Growing up in Los Angeles with a DJ father, Erica’s eclectic taste in music influences her writing—there are vibes of Erykah Badu, Fugees, and Alabama Shakes. 

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Erica attended Hollywood Academy of the Arts and after performing throughout the LA area, moved to Sacramento and released her debut EP “Suga” in 2015. In addition to her solo career, Erica created a space for musicians from all walks of life, birthing The Eclectic Soul Project, a jam band that plays originals and covers.

After gaining popularity as a contestant on American Idol, Erica moved to Maui to dive deeper into her love of writing and recorded her first hip-hop project “Lucid Dreamer,” released in 2018. She has performed all over California and Maui and has had the pleasure of opening for iconic bands such as Nappy Roots, The Wailers, Martin Luther, and Anuhea.

Erica is currently back in the studio working on recording two new albums.

Excerpt from MANTRA 

Feels like I’m caught up in a tornado / some kind of terrible dream / and it seems there’s no making it out / am I losing control / then I scream and I shout / what’s all this about / I don’t wanna take the negative route / but I’m headed for the storm / this just isn’t the norm / but I know I am blessed / and my spirit is torn / I just need it to mend / so I pick up my pen / and the time that we spend / it’s real life we ain’t playing pretend / sometimes I wanna lock myself in a den / and sweat it all out / freeing my energy / exercising me mentally / am I slipping away / should I go should I stay / something new every day / I just need it to change / perspective / is this a lesson or am I being tested / I lose my cool and I’ma get myself arrested / I crave the calm in a world so hectic

Chorus: Take deep breaths / focus on your energy / keep yourself aligned / don’t surrender to the enemy / love is this answer / the devil’s a lie / go through your trials with your head to the sky / pray often / always give thanks / live life freely cause it’s only yours to paint / remain humble / wear a smile / take care of your heart / be sure to stay wild

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