Janeen Murray: Made Local Magazine Publisher

Janeen is the Director of GO LOCAL Sonoma County and Publisher of Made Local Magazine.

Who do you admire, and why?

Photo Credit: Paige Green

My dear friend Alice Jean who passed away last year from cancer but was more alive and present and joyful, especially in the last three years of her life, than just about anyone else I’ve ever known. I learned so much from her about being vibrant and authentic no matter what.

What was the last best thing you ate?

Fresh-caught fish tacos and a chewy, gooey and crunchy chocolate brownie.

Name something you do or do not regret.

I don’t regret taking up the accordion after having a dream over a decade ago in which the dream character instructed me to start playing that specific instrument immediately. It’s brought me back into music in such a fun and creative way that I sure hadn’t expected, connecting me to a wonderful local and global community of friends, including my fiancé.

What 3 things bring you joy?

The sights, smells and sounds of nature.

Where else have you lived?

The East Bay area and San Luis Obispo area, along with some couple-month-long periods in Sardinia, Paris, and both eastern and western Washington.

What are you good at making?

Fresh fruit pies in summer, and often managing to create pretty tasty meals from whatever’s in the kitchen.

Recall a time you changed your mind about something.

I thought without a doubt I’d be a middle school and high school science teacher for my entire career. Life brought unexpected detours, causing me to shift gears, but it’s taken me down some wonderful new paths instead.

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

To launch a long-lasting global peace, equity and climate strategy.

If you could instantly have one skill, what would it be?

To launch a long-lasting global peace, equity and climate strategy.

You host an intimate dinner party with up to 4 guests, living or not. Who’s coming?

A female elder from the Paleolithic, the Neolithic, the Bronze age, and the Iron age.


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