The Sonoma County Food Action Plan aggregates opportunities for growth in our local food system into four action areas, or pillars, with multiple goals and subgoals under each. We’re highlighting the pillars here in no particular order.


Photo Credit: Paige Green

Pillar 3: Healthy Eating

• Increase equitable access to healthy, affordable, safe and culturally appropriate food and beverage choices in neighborhoods, schools, and work places.
• Connect the food insecure with food and nutrition assistance programs.
• Increase education about local agriculture, nutrition, and the impact of food and beverage choices.

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“I was so blinded before. Now, I’m truly a believer that food can heal.”

– Elva Nunez | Cofounder of The Tamale Factory on her decision to make plant-based, non-GMO, organic, and gluten free tamales.


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