The Sonoma County Food Action Plan aggregates opportunities for growth in our local food system into four action areas, or pillars, with multiple goals and subgoals under each. We’re highlighting the pillars here in no particular order. 

Photo Credit: Paige Green

Pillar 4: Social Equity

• Address root causes of hunger and food insecurity

• Create opportunity and justice for farmers, farm workers, and food system workers

• Ensure the inclusion of underserved and underrepresented communities

• Increase community resilience

Read the whole Food Action Plan here:

“Radical Family Farms is part of a bigger movement afoot, one that connects food and farming to identity, land sovereignty, land stewardship, lost heritage, family history, and the passing on of cultural knowledge through foods. A reclamation is happening, of lost identity as a result of assimilation, and Asian American farmers are vocalizing their rightful place in the agrarian world.” 

-Leslie Wiser / Owner & Farmer at Radical Family Farms, Sebastopol:


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