The Sonoma County Food Action Plan aggregates opportunities for growth in our local food system into four action areas, or pillars, with multiple goals and subgoals under each. Over the next five issues of Made Local Magazine, we’ll be highlighting the pillars individually, not in any particular order. 

Photo Credit: Sonoma County Food System Alliance

Pillar 1:  

Ag and Natural Resources 

Protect and enhance Ag land-based farms and ranches 

Encourage sound resource management 


Read the entire Food Action Plan at  

“Farmers have a special opportunity to work with nature to provide habitats, sequester carbon, protect our water resources, and of course, provide sustenance for residents of this lovely blue and green planet. But there is more: it’s healing to the human spirit to be connected to the land and feel awe in the presence of such beauty. We want to share this experience with our visitors.”

-Sue Begley / Owner and farmer at Bees N Blooms –


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