One year ago, I interviewed Megan Kaun, a local activist who was leading a campaign to stop the use of Roundup and other glyphosate-based weed killers on public land across Sonoma County. We ran the story of the campaign in our November/ December 2017 issue, and it was quickly overshadowed by the tragic stories arising from the massive wildfires. Well, nearly one year later, after much rallying by Kaun and Sonoma County Conservation Action, the Santa Rosa City Council voted to ban the use of Roundup and other synthetic weedkillers on all city-owned property, including parks.

The successful end to this particular arm of a citizen campaign fits well with a theme that runs through this issue of Made Local Magazine: The importance of regenerating the land. In a story on Ethic Ciders, a cider company out of Sebastopol, Gretchen Giles takes a look at how land and soil might be regenerated–

and combat climate change—while also providing a solid drinking product for cider fans. A few pages later, we take a close look at Community Soil Foundation, a nonprofit based in Larkfield that’s rehabilitated a once-neglected plot of city land, turning it into a community farm and learning center using permaculture and bio-intensive techniques. They compost and cultivate lots of pollinator-friendly and native plants, and steadily work toward building up soil health with nontoxic techniques. And regarding community health and regeneration, take a look at our profiles of two new locally owned grocery stores in Cloverdale and Penngrove. This story, in particular, had me musing about how crucial local markets are to building food system resilience. I’m also happy to welcome a new freelance writer to the Made Local Magazine fold! Don’t miss Sonoma County-native Melati Citrawireja’s fun jaunt to the Geyserville Gun Club, where Asian street food flavors meet a classic wild west vibe.

Have a story, tip, or comment? Send me an email at Enjoy the beauty of the fall harvest in Sonoma County, and I’ll see you at the grocery store!


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