Community First Credit Union is Here for Good!

Doing good means investing in our local communities, businesses, schools, and most of all in our kids. We think the best investment of all is to spend time, money and effort with kids. They are the future of our economy, society, and health of our planet.

CFCU has several unique and exciting programs to help educate kids about the ability to save, spend (wisely), borrow, and successfully manage their money. This will set them up for a lifetime of being financially savvy and understanding the power of banking locally.

To teach kids about the good habit of saving, CFCU offers savings rates up to 700 times higher than the big banks. As a stand-alone account, they earn 1.01% (our local freeway). In conjunction with an adult’s Local Advantage PLUS checking account, they earn 7.07% (our local area code). Either way, they earn dollars, not mere pennies on the first $500 of their account. This gets them in the good habit of saving.

Kids who raise and sell market animals for the local county fairs are able to benefit from their Zero Interest, Zero Fee AG loan! This awesome program allows kids to finance their animal projects at 0%. FFA and 4-H participates learn how to use a debit card responsibly, track their money via online and smartphone, and earn a credit score when they pay back their loan. Best of all, kids make a hefty profit to put toward college.

Most kids don’t learn about money in schools anymore. To combat this, Community First Credit Union offers in-class financial literacy presentations! Students learn the power of saving, spending, earning, and managing their money. CFCU has presented over 200 in-class financial literacy presentations to date.

We can’t forget about the people who teach our kids (after all, CFCU was started by local teachers back in 1961). To help combat the local teacher shortage we have partnered with the Sonoma County Office of Education to provide low rate loans for teacher and administrator programs. This innovative program helps recruit local talent and gets more teachers classroom-ready more quickly.

Every year (for the past 23 years) teachers and school staff have looked forward to receiving their free, locally produced, academic-year calendars. It’s always an exciting time of the year when CFCU gets a chance to deliver the calendars to every public elementary, middle, and high school in Sonoma, Napa, Lake, and Mendocino counties!

Kids are the future and Community First is doing its part of make sure they know the power of banking locally, spending responsibly, and saving for the future!

To find out more about Community First’s innovative youth programs you can visit their website at or visit one of their 10 local branches.


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