Was it your private rain dance that did it? Who knows what mojo it required, but we’re tentatively relieved to have at least nearly achieved “normal” rainfall this year. That itchy feeling a Californian gets during drought has momentarily subsided.

Make no mistake, we’ll take normal, particularly if it helps to usher in a normal spring, a normal planting season, and a normal growing season. Because we like to eat. And eating food grown, harvested, and sustained here at home is truly the best food of all.

As we tip­toe into the new season, it’s all still so tantalizing.

How will you embrace it? Will you plant a garden this year or take a plot at a community garden? Will you choose to buy seasonally or only from local providers?

Now is a wonderful time to create new resolutions for your culinary year as you consider how you can best feed those you love while supporting your community.

We’d be glad to know how you plan to balance among options this year as you strive to get closer to the soil and the neighbors. It’s really a bit of a dance!

Gretchen Giles, Editor



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