A Letter from the Editor.

It’s on. Soil amended and watered and coaxed through the drought; seeds planted and watered and coaxed through the drought; trees pruned and lightened and coaxed through the drought—it’s all beginning to offer the great pay-off that summertime promises.

We’ve been thinking about the fullness of peaches since they were hard little green things. Obsessing about tomatoes since the starts were mere sprigs. Planning for pesto since the narcissus died back. And now the great seasonal celebration that showcases Sonoma County’s agricultural primacy is here.

What to eat first?

Nature helps with that, pushing different pleasures forward at different times. (We still have the figs and nuts and persimmons to long for, after all.)

This issue intends to highlight just a few of summer’s stars as well as to introduce you to the people who help make Sonoma County such a rare spot to inhabit when once again cycling around the sun. We’ve introduced a new page, Folks You Should Know, to help with that. We’ve nobly tasted fresh artisanal cider in this effort, and taken a glorious chatty hike. We’ve forced ourselves to sip Bellinis and frequent farmers’ markets. We’ve watched movies and dreamed of homemade potato chips yet to come. Such toil, such privilege.

So glad you’ll share it with us.

Because, yessiree. It’s on.

Gretchen Giles, Editor



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