A Letter from the Editor.

According to a new study conducted in the UK and just published by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, an apple a day ain’t nothing when it comes to keeping the doctor away.

Rather, the study found over an eight year period that participants who consumed seven servings of vegetables daily had a mortality rate that ranged at 42 percent less than those who did not eat seven servings. Forty two percent.

Healthy+Free Carrots

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A “serving” in this study was codified as three ounces, and fruit consumption didn’t seem to affect the
mean at all. But the findings are resonantly clear: Want to live a long and happy life? Eat your – and more – veggies.

Ensuring that Sonoma County residents get their vegetables (and fruit!) is at the heart of the Sonoma County Food Action Plan, upon which this magazine is based. What’s wonderful and amazing and absolutely true is that many organizations in our area are devoted not only to providing the Daily Seven Servings, they are doing it for free.

WHOA and Bayer farms, for example, both raise food with the explicit purpose of giving it away. As always, when compiling the stories of Made Local Magazine, we find threads and stories that bring their own thematics to the issue. This time, it turned out to be in service of the healthy and the free.

The healthy and the free. Kind of sounds like a slogan, doesn’t it? We’re not generally fans of the pat soundbite, but this one resonates.

Here’s to Sonoma County, land of the healthy and free!

Gretchen Giles, Editor



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