Pillars and actions of the Food Action Plan.

Created by leaders from all sectors of the food system and community, the Sonoma County Food Action Plan outlines a shared vision to coordinate both dialogue and action. Endorsing the plan strengthens our collective ability to build a more sustainable, economically viable, and socially just food system to support the health and well being of all Sonoma County’s people.

The Sonoma County Food Action Plan is composed of four “pillars” of resolve under which there are several action items.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

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• Protecting and enhancing our agricultural land base, farms, and ranches.

• Encouraging institutional purchasing that supports the local food systems.

Economic Vitality

• Supporting local food system jobs and commerce.

• Encouraging sound resource management.

Healthy Eating

• Increasing equitable access to healthy, affordable, safe, and culturally-appropriate food and beverage choices, while decreasing availability of unhealthy choices in neighborhoods, schools, and work places.

• Connecting the food insecure with food and nutrition assistance programs.

• Increasing education about local agriculture, nutrition, and the impact of food and beverage choices.

Social Equity

• Addressing root causes of hunger and food insecurity.

• Creating opportunity and justice for famers, farm workers, and food system workers.

• Ensuring the inclusion of underserved and underrepresented communities in conversations and policymaking about Sonoma County’s food system.

• Increasing community resilience.

By endorsing the plan, you join with others to declare support for the vision and our commitment to food system change in Sonoma County. Won’t you do that today?

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