A Letter from the Editor.

One of the many delights of pulling together a bimonthly publication is watching certain threads emerge. For this March/April edition, the thread that became most dominant as we reported it is the difficulty of defining words and terms that we use every day.

It began with a visit to filmmaker Douglas Gayeton’s Petaluma ranch to discuss the “Lexicon of Sustainability” video project that Gayeton and his wife, Laura Howard-Gayeton, have produced to dissect such terms as “grass fed,” “free range,” and “cage free.”

Soon, without any effort or direction on our part, it became clear that nearly every story in this issue concerns itself with lexicon, definitions, and language. Take “sustainable.” Please.

Published by Sonoma County GO LOCAL Cooperative, Made Local Magazine┬áis devoted to telling the stories that underpin our county’s Food Action Plan. Described (but not defined!) as a “guide to local action on food production, land and natural resources stewardship, job development, public health, and equity in our food system,” the Plan was adopted by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in 2012.

Sharing the stories of the people who represent the Plan – the farmers, producers, artisans, technologists, artists, processors, and purveyors – is not something that can be quickly encompassed or easily parsed.

Because Sonoma County can’t be codified in just one manner. We welcome your reports of those people and projects that you think help to illuminate an aspect of our county’s multifaceted food story. You’re invited: Help us define it.

Gretchen Giles, Editor



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